How to change the Default OS Boot Order between Windows 7 and Vista?

If you have recently installed Windows 7 beta on your Vista machine like me, then you may be wondering what is the easy way to change the boot order between Windows 7 and Vista without manually changing any settings under boot.ini or any other file.

Here is a way to change the default OS to boot using the Advanced System Properties under Vista.

So how to change the default OS to boot from Windows 7 to Vista?

Go to 
Control Panel Home (Start -> Control Panel) -> System and Maintenance -> System.

On the left side pane, under the Tasks, Click Advanced System Settings.

Click Settings under Startup and Recovery.

Under System startup, you can change the Default operating system between Windows 7 and Vista. If you have installed any other OS, you can change between those settings as well.

Click OK and the next time you start your computer, the boot order should have changed. You can also change the time duration for which it shows to change the booting OS.

If you want to change the boot sequence on your MAC NoteBook !
In System Preferences > Startup Disk you should be able to choose Mac OS X as the default system in which you wish to boot.