Google Map Maker

Google Map Maker

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Share your knowledge and edit the map with Google Map Maker. You can fill in missing details or make adjustments to the existing map and once approved, see your changes appear in a matter of minutes, along with millions of users of Google Maps.

Call anywhere around the world easily and low cost!

Free domestic calls within the US & Canada !!!
Also low rates for other countries with this small plugin – right from within Gmail through ....

Google Voice

      Key Features:

Free to the USCall phones in the US and Canada for free.

Cheap international calls
Call around the world for pennies per minute

Video chat, tooInstall the plugin and get video chat for free


Check your country rates right now!


More Features:

- Call forwarding
- Making and receiving calls- Mobile and text messages- Calling credit, cost, and billing
- Recording calls

Other Google Voice features:

- Voicemail, Contacts, Groups- Port, change, or transfer your number

There is a Google Voice chrome browser plug in that is handy and easy to pick and check the calls.


You may get it at this location (Click me)
It gets embedded and seen on your Chrome browser as follows:


Find the version of the flash player on your computer

From the below page you can determine the following:

1) Check if Flash Player is installed on your computer

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iOS 6 Tips and Hidden Features

iOS 6 has been out for more than an hour now. (Don’t get left behind.) Apple showcased many of the big-ticket features at its WWDC keynote back in June and, later, at the iPhone 5 unveiling. But there’s far more to iOS 6 than things like Passbook and Maps.
There are dozens of tweaks and additions that substantially enhance Apple’s mobile OS -- some obvious, and some hidden. Either way, we’ve saved you the trouble of searching for them.
Here are iOS 6’s 13 best new features. Got any suggestions we didn’t mention? Share them in the comments.

Have the Whole World in Your Hands

Apple’s completely redesigned Maps app replaces Google Maps in iOS 6. The new app has nifty features like turn-by-turn directions, Fly Over and, because it uses vector-based images, 3-D image renderings of many destinations. One of the less helpful (but fun!) features is the ability to zoom out in Satellite mode to see the Earth as a glowing blue ball in space.
Simply pinch to zoom out, like you normally, and keep doing it until the map becomes a globe. You can even spin the world around. The view doesn’t show time zones, or where it’s day or night, or any other useful information, but now you’ve got a globe in the palm of your hand.