Free SAP IDES online server for practicing your skills

Free SAP-IDES environment to enhance your skills.
PS: Below information strictly for your personal use only. Respect it.
Recently I came across a wonderful site, who is providing free SAP – IDES access to n number of users. It is totally free for all and indeed to use this service you need to register with them from the links provided below.
It is helping me a lot and in fact helps to all the SAP consultants who want to enhance there skill and knowledge in other areas. As we see if you are working in your domain you will not be provided the other access to enhance your skills and more over in office you can’t spend time and in your home you can’t get office access(most of the people).
Go to the link - SAP-IDES to register your self for the SAP Access and

Fill in with your basic details and provide a valid mail-id. To which all further communication will be done.
Once you successfully registered you will get an instance mail saying it is in process, with in a day you will get a mail with your SAP User-ID and important links to access the server.
Here there is one important thing to note that your user will be locked at the end of each day(mid-night) and password reset. Everyday you need to request for a password.
To access the server – Access Server
To request for a daily password – Password Request
This service is provided to us by Consolut people - they are the one of the SAP consultancy providing services located in Germany to many companies.
Thanks and enjoy in updating your skills and knowledge.
It provides access to ALL MAJOR SAP modules.

Please find the links below:
New User Request :
Access Server :
Password Request:

Windows 7 notices but does not 'see' external usb hard drive

Plug in the external USB hard drive.

Right mouse click on My Computer 

Left click on Manage 

Double click on Storage

Double click on Disk Management 

Disk 0 is Hard Drive Partitions.

Disk 1 will display the SIZE of the external device with no name

Right mouse click the blue colored bar              on Disk 1 

Left click on Mark Partition as Active 

Left click on Change Drive Letter and Paths

Right click the “Add” button  - Right click OK 

Following is the end result. The external USB device should now have a drive letter.