Google Maps Search Tips for Restaurants

Want to see how to use Google Maps to find restaurants, hotels, and other points of interest?? 

Here it is.. read on...

The following search tips will show you how to narrow your search and find exactly what you are looking for.

Basic search

The Google Maps search query is made up of two parts. The first part is the category of the point of interest or the business name you are searching for. The second part is the geographic location you want to search in. You separate these two parts by either one of two keywords, 'in' or 'near', both keywords work with the same effect. Some search examples:

restaurants near 350 Fifth Ave, New York, NY
hotels in London, UK
Dennys near Chicago, IL

note that Google's searches are case insensitive. You can tell Google what kind of restaurant to search for. Instead of typing "italian restaurant' or 'mexican restaurant' you can simply use:

italian near 1 Market St, San Francisco, CA
mexican near Dallas, TX

Besides restaurants and hotels, you can search for almost any business category from the yellow pages like bowling, parks, entertainment, shopping, movie theaters etc.

Most of the time you will probably search near an address or city, but you can also search near an airport code, zip code, a landmark, or even a latitude/longitude coordinate from your GPS, for example:

pizza near ORL
golf near 28210
lodging in Grand Canyon
steak near 39.767, -86.156

Advanced search

Google has provided some advanced search options to enhance your Google Maps search. The vertical bar symbol '|' allows you to group two or more categories together in a single search. For instance:

chinese|seafood in Atlanta, GA

means look for both chinese restaurants and seafood restaurants in Atlanta.

Use the minus sign '-' to exclude a category or particular business from the search results. For example:

restaurants -pizza in Boston, MA

means look for all restaurants in Boston except pizza restaurants.

hamburger|sandwich|cafe - Sambos in Seattle, WA

means search for hamburger restaurants, sandwich shops, and cafes in Seattle, but exclude Sambos restaurants.


Lotus Notes 8.x Tips - How to set a default font in Notes 8.5.2

Here's a fun new feature in Notes 8.5.2
You can set a default font to use for all emails you send.

Just follow these steps:

1. While writing an email, select text and change the font, size, style, and/or color to what you want for your default.
To do this, you can use the text toolbar above the email.

2. With that stylish text selected , click Text > Set Current Font as Mail Default.

The next time you write an email, the default font will be used.
If you want to change your default font, follow the same steps.

Have fun!

List only business days when auto filling in excel

Suppose you want to create a scorecard for work and you  need to auto fill dates but don't need weekends.

Is it possible to click and drag the auto fill and accomplish this?

Well the answre is yes!! 

In Excel 2007:

1.Enter the first date in a cell

2.Select the range of cells in the column or row you want to fill including the cell with the first date

3.Select Home --> In Editing choose Fill --> Series...

4.Choose Type = Date then Date Unit = Weekday

5.Select OK.

How to Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

1. There are many ways to get your blog noticed with a few easy steps. The idea with each of the methods I have provided is to get your blog indexed in the right places, where it will be found.

2. The first place to list your blog is with google blog search. This is done with one simple step, just go to & submit your url.

3. The second best place to list your blog is at With Technorati you can list and manage multiple blogs.

4. Another great option is This site allows you to send pings as often as needed to 20 different indexes with one submission.

5. These three options are a great place to start and should help to build free traffic to your blog. Also, submit your blog url to as many other free blog directories as time allows.

Submit your link to Search engines by following the following links




Submit your link to other search engines

Top Places to Add Your URL 
01 Web Directory


Americas Best


Best of The Web

Big All

CannyLink Guide


Dare Directory



Exact Seek

Free Website Directory


Information Outpost

Info Listings

Info Tiger


Link Centre

Librarians’ Internet Index

Pedsters Planet


Relmax Top

Scrub the Web

Splat Search


Starting Point

Sun Steam

This is Our Year

Tower Search


Webbie World

What U Seek

World Site Index

Yahoo Directory



How to Play Blu-ray Media on PC

Blu-ray is getting more and more popular for its large storage and excellent quality. Do you want to play Blu-ray on PC like on Blu-ray DVD player? Unfortunately, for Sony's licensing on Blu-ray, it is pretty difficult to play Blu-rays on laptop actually, Windows is the only operating system that can play them natively, but there are a few workarounds.Whether you are using Window XP or Windows 7, you will find that ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater is the best Blu-ray player offering best cinema-like experiences.

Here I list hardware and software needed for playing Blu-ray on Windows PC, hoping to help those that want to play Blu-ray Disc from PC.

What you need for Blu-ray playback on Windows (including Windows 7)



The most convenient way to play Blu-ray on Windows is to use a program like ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater 5. It is such reliable Windows Blu-ray player that let you experience brilliant video quality. It supports playback of all three Blu-ray Disc video formats: MPEG-2, AVC, and VC1 as well as other high-definition content including WMV HD, QuickTime HD, DivX HD, and H.264 HD. In addition, the software is now optimized with Intel's Core Processor Family so users can enjoy smooth and sharp Blu-ray playback with uncompressed HD sound effects. It also allows you to play DVD and AVCHD video and a large number of other multimedia files, including WMV, MPEG, MP4, MTS, MKV, FLV, AVI etc. Especially, it supports Windows 7 robustly. And you will also achieve fantastic playback effect and find TotalMedia Theater the best Blu-ray player for Windows 7.


Of course, the most important hardware you should have for Blu-ray DVDs playback is a Blu-ray drive. In addition to needing a beefy processor and plenty of memory, you also need a graphics card with very specific characteristics and monitor with HDCP support.

Try TotalMedia Theatre 5 now

How to play Blu-ray on Windows

Step 1:

Open Blu-ray disc

After you confirm your hardware matches the requirements above, simple install and launch ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater 5. Insert your Blu-ray disc, and this program will play automatically

Step 2

Use smart menu

This Windows Blu-ray player offer the capability of displaying details about the currently playing DVD without interrupting playback. Click icon on the bottom of control panel. Display movie information including movie name, genre and director with Option "Movie Info"; display the subtitles with Option "Subtitle"; display thumbnails of the movie chapters with Option "Chapters".

Step 3

Use right-click menu

Besides the button on the main interface, you also can control your playback. Right-click to launch many useful functions: select a specific title or chapter, or display the available audio options and other helpful options.

Free Try TotalMedia Theatre 5 now Windows Version

Get TotalMedia Theatre 5 Now Windows Version

Download PowerDVD 12.0.11962 


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Fix Windows 7 CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs Playing and Burning Issues Automatically

Microsoft is offering a helping hand to customers who are experiencing issues with writing and reading media on their Windows PCs.

The Redmond company has provided an automated fix designed to resolve issues related to playing and burning, CDs, DVDs as well as Blue-ray discs.

The automated Fix It solution can be downloaded via the Microsoft Support page with the following title: “Your CD or DVD drive can't read or write media,” and is available completely free of charge to customers.

“Automatically diagnose and repair problems with your CD or DVD drive when trying to read or burn media,” reads the description of the fix from the software giant.

Visit the following website to download the fix!!!

What it fixes...

  • Your CD or DVD Drive does not read or write and is shown as disabled
  • The media in your CD or DVD drive cannot be read
  • The media cannot be written to by your CD or DVD drive
  • You receive one of the following errors:
    • A class specific or device specific driver is missing or corrupt
    • A CD or DVD drive cannot be found or is not connected
    • The CD or DVD drive is experiencing a problem that prevents it from working properly
    • The CD or DVD drive is not accessible via an assigned drive letter