Mobile phone locked OR Not able to unlock mobile phone

When you place a new or a existing SIM card from another phone provider into a different cell phone, it asks for a Security Code and you don't have it with you. This means that a mobile phone is locked to the original mobile phone provider.

You need to contact this mobile provider to ask for the unlock code (Security Code) for this phone.
For this you need to provide proof of ownership etc.

Following are the possible action items you may do, when you come aross the above situation:

1) Get security code/restriction code to unlock the cell phone from the current cell phone service provider.

2) If your phone provider does not help you then this WEB site it provides security codes for a small price.

3) Try this WEB site also - UnlockFree

4) You can also try this WEB site :

5) For Nokia phone - try this WEB site too :

6)The IMEI number is unique for each mobile phone. The number is printed on the label under the battery.
You can also get the IMEI number by entering this on your phone
*#06# It will then display your IMEI number and you may also get a unique global serial number. Your IMEI number should be 15 digits.

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