How to quickly and easily add a live bookmark/RSS feeds

How to quickly and easily add a live bookmark/RSS feed to Internet Explorer 7 or 8

Both Internet Explorer 7 and 8 fully support live bookmarks/RSS feeds. IE7 and IE8 also support Microsoft's 'Common Feed List', but more on that later. When you visit a site with an RSS feed in Internet Explorer 7/8, the RSS feed icon becomes active. This icon is circled red in the picture below:-

Click on the icon shown above and Internet Explorer will take you to a screen like the one below:-

Notice in the above picture, Internet Explorer says this feed "can be viewed in Internet Explorer and other programs". Here is the really cool part, any feed you add in Internet Explorer will be available in any other program that supports Microsoft's 'Common Feed List'.

Currently this includes Microsoft Outlook and the RSS reader in the Vista sidebar. Eventually most RSS aware Windows programs will support Common Feed List.
Getting back to the tutorial, to add this RSS feed to Internet Explorer and the Common Feed List, click on "Subscribe to this feed" as circled in the picture above.

The following window will then appear:-

Click on "Subscribe" as circled in the picture above to confirm your subscription. The window will close and you will be taken to the page below:-

You can now click on "View my feeds" (as shown above) to see a list of all the feeds you are subscribed to. You can access your feeds at any time by clicking on the favorites center (the small star icon in the top left hand corner
of the IE window, or press the keys ALT and C together) and then choosing "Feeds".

The picture below shows the favorites center open on the feeds tab.

Want to learn how to do it for Firefox ? Here is the link !