Surf the net on laptop with mobile phone as modem

Surf the internet on you computer with mobile phone as the modem

Ever wanted to surf the net but didn't have a modem on your computer? You don't realy need a modem to be able to surf the net,you can simply use your cell phone as a modem.  


This short tutorial will teach how to set your phone as a modem connected to your computer/laptop.

1. You need a cell phone. It has to have GPRS and it must be modem enabled.

2.You need a means of connection from your cell phone to your computer or laptop (inferred,bluetooth or usb cable)

3.You need a dialup connection

4.You need to know and change your proxy settings

Step 1: Take your gprs enabled cell phone and connect it to your computer or laptop using either buletooth,infered or a usb cable.

Step 2: Create a dial up connection.Go into your control panel,then into internet options.Then go to connections and add. Create a dial up connection and when it asks for a phone number type in *99#

Step 3: On your new dialup connection add the same proxy address you have on your gprs in your cell phone.

Step 4: Now on your cpanel there should be something called modem options (If your 's doesn't have you'll have to search your computer for an option that allows you to change the acess point name or also known as the APN) here you must change the APN to whatever your APN is on yor gprs in your phone.

Step 5: Go to start menu and connect,then connect to your dial up (make sure your cell phone is connected to your computer or laptop)

Step 6: Start your browser (internet exploxer,opera etc) and start surfing the net.

Note that every cell phone has it's own speed for example 3g phones can reach up to speed's of 48 kb/s.

Problems faced:
1. First problem is that in order to run, most phones need the drivers installed. Now either bluetooth, infared or cable modems will be installed from the disc you get when u buy one. Now on the disk it should have the drivers on there, if not you will need to find another internet connection and download them.

2. Next, you CANNOT use Firefox, Bit torrent apps, IM apps, Opera, or any web based programs besides IE if you are connecting through a Proxy address. Also another downside of a proxy is your computer wont store the cookies from the phone so logging into sites may be difficult. Now in order to get around this block and use web based applications u will need to dowload a program called "Your Freedom" (Just google it as I cant remember site ATM) then enter in YF your proxy settings and it will work, and then add the proxy setting of localhost:8080 for HTTP and localhost:1080 for Socks 5. This will let you use opera and Firefox.

Ok and now I will give you some tips on how to make most of your phone as a modem.

1. Use Firefox with the FasterFox extension set up on the max and your browsing speed will be much better. An alternative is to use Opera

2. Use a download manager to speed up your downloads by 4 times and some times up to 8 times (say your av. DL speed was 1.0 Kb/s it will increase it to 4.0 Kb/s becuase it will download te file in 4 different places at once.) I reccomend using Get Right.

3. Get premium version of Your Freedom as it will get rid of 2 hour time limit and max of 10 connections. And you cant get a crack for it or anything as it uses the info from the account you set up on their site.