Firefox Bookmarks management

Bookmarks management in Firefox 3 onwards 
How to copy Bookmarks in Firefox 3 onwards

bookmarks.html stores bookmarks in Firefox 2 and below and in other Mozilla browsers. Starting in Firefox 3, places.sqlite is used instead of bookmarks.html for storing bookmarks.

The bookmarks.html is a file in the profile folder. Mozilla applications store a user's personal information in a unique profile. The first time you start any Mozilla application, it will automatically create a default profile; additional profiles can be created using the Profile Manager. The settings which form a profile are stored in files within a special folder on your computer — this is the profile folder. The installation directory also includes a "profile" folder but this folder contains program defaults, not your user profile data.

Operating system: Windows NT (NT4.x/2000/XP/Vista/7)
Profile folder location(s):  "%APPDATA%\Mozilla\"


Way to find the application data folder (profile folder):

Press [Windows Key]+ Run
→ Type in %APPDATA%
→ click OK

Editing bookmarks.html

Although the Bookmarks Manager is the primary interface for managing bookmarks, bookmarks.html can be edited directly. The file uses a simple HTML structure that includes definition lists, anchors, and headers. A typical bookmarks.html bookmark contains the URL, name, and other meta data:

ADD_DATE="1079992089" LAST_VISIT="1132078168" LAST_CHARSET=
"ISO-8859-1" ID="rdf:#$kLc2Z">Cascading Style Sheets, level
2 revision 1

The application should be closed before changes are made, else the changes will be overwritten.

Moving bookmarks.html

This file can be moved to a different profile without any extra effort.

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