MS Powerpoint: Change the font size of all slides (within 10 seconds)

We had 50 slides in our presentation and had to increase the font size of all the slides then and there. Wow what a situation! don't worry you can do it in 10 seconds.

Solution: If you change the font size or colour in the Master Slide, all the slides which are linked to that master slide will change.

You must use Master Slide in every presentation. Open a new file in MS PowerPoint. Go to View -> Slide Master (in 2007). Go to View -> Master -> Slide Master (in 2003)

There is one theme slide (the first slide on top left) under which there are various layouts. The first layout is the title layout which is linked to make our first slide. The second layout is linked to the most popular layout for body (a header followed by a list of bullets).
All we have to do is to make a change in these layouts.

Go to the second layout under the theme slide (just below the title layout). You can click on the text box and make it bold and change the font size and colour. You can also add a picture/logo here.

Now exit the Slide Master view (Close master view under Slide Master tab). Now add a new slide to the presentation. Right click on the slide on the left panel. Choose the second layout from this list. This is the layout we just made changes to. This is how we apply a layout to the main slide. That's it.


It is advisable to make all PPTs using Master Slide. This way, you can save a lot of time if you have to change the font type, colour or size later. You can also add a logo on Master Slide and it will reflect on all the slides automatically. You can then delete it, if you want, by just going to the Master Slide. Need not go to each slide and waste time.