Office 2007 Ultimate applications will no longer run on my Vista machine.  When attempting to launch any of the applications--e.g. Outlook, Word, or Excel--the error message in the subject is displayed.  I am running as administrator, so it is not a permissions issue.  I created a new administrator account to make sure my other account was not corrupted.  I have now uninstalled and reinstalled Office without success.


This is a newer 64-bit moderately high-end laptop that has Office has been running fine on for about two months.


1) Go to the directory: %PROGRAMDATA%\Microsoft\Office\Data
2) Delete all files in the directory.
3) Run any office application.
    This only works on Vista and 7

For XP
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\OFFICE\DATA
Delete all files in the directory.
Run any office application.

Note: You may need to validate office again.
Note: For Office 2000/2003, the files are named with OPA11, meaning Office Version 11.
Note: For Office 2007, the files are named with OPA12, meaning Office Version 12