Call anywhere around the world easily and low cost!

Free domestic calls within the US & Canada !!!
Also low rates for other countries with this small plugin – right from within Gmail through ....

Google Voice

      Key Features:

Free to the USCall phones in the US and Canada for free.

Cheap international calls
Call around the world for pennies per minute

Video chat, tooInstall the plugin and get video chat for free


Check your country rates right now!


More Features:

- Call forwarding
- Making and receiving calls- Mobile and text messages- Calling credit, cost, and billing
- Recording calls

Other Google Voice features:

- Voicemail, Contacts, Groups- Port, change, or transfer your number

There is a Google Voice chrome browser plug in that is handy and easy to pick and check the calls.


You may get it at this location (Click me)
It gets embedded and seen on your Chrome browser as follows: