How to install Windows 7 themes?

Where should I copy my themes to?

To install your 3rd-party themes you have to copy your themes to the folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
Let’s take a peek at that folder to understand how it works:

Windows 7 Themes Folder

The themes folder has some .theme files but also a folder called “Aero”. This folder is part of the Aero theme (aero.theme). The folder MUST have the exact name of the .theme file (in this case Aero). The folder name is case-insensitive.

Download new Windows 7 themes from the official website @ 

PS: If you download a *.themepack file, just double click on it and it will get installed on your Windows 7.

If you still facing issues installing the themes, please visit the following blog to check out the other methods for installing the windows 7 or other OS's themes.