How to connect your laptop to your LCD screen?

Usually we face issues while connecting the LCD screen to the laptop. 
But actually it is very easy to do it. Ofcourse if you have the right components for connecting the 2 items; read on ....

I could have consulted the manual, but I don’t like to do that! It’s kind of like asking for directions.

There on the back of my TV was something that looked just liked a VGA port.  A VGA port is typically what you use to connect your computer monitor.  These ports come in two varieties:  Male and Female.  This is for obvious reasons.  Take a look below:



Now, these are 15-pin VGA cables, called so because…yes, they have 15 pins. The female, the reciever, has open spaces for the 15-pin male. Normally, your standard computer monitor has a 15-pin male VGA connection, which fits snugly into the 15-pin female connector on your laptop or PC.However, in this situation, my laptop had a female 15-pin connector AND my LCD TV also had a female 15-pin connector. What do these two female receptacles need? You guessed it–they need males, two to be exact. Two strong 15-pin male connectors to fill their holes.

Here is what you need to buy to connect your Laptop or Desktop PC to Your Digital/LCD TV, hopefully big screen TV.  One VGA (also sometimes called SVGA) cable with male 15-pin connectors on both sides.

What, you say, where the heck do I get that? How am I suppose to know?  You’re not.  That is why I am going to tell you. You can buy this VGA cable here. Did you click the link or pass right by it?  
Buy the Belkin F3H982-25 Pro Series High-Integrity VGA/SVGA Monitor Replacement Cable (around 25 ft.)

After you get the cable, connect your laptop or desktop to the LCD TV with this cable, hit the INPUT button on your LCD TV and choose computer, and then find out how to switch your computer over to the LCD high-def big screen TV.  On my Dell and almost all Dell laptops, you hold down the FN (function) key and press F8 a couple of times. For a desktop, you’ll probably have to go into the display card settings by right-clicking on your desktop.

You’re off and running now. Enjoy the experience of using your LCD TV as your PC computer monitor.  You may also want to get TV Anywhere, which enables you to watch TV on your PC.